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VOIS – Volunteer in Israel - is an official program of the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services of the State of Israel.

1,000 volunteers from 51 countries come each year to volunteer in VOIS social service placements in Israel.

VOIS Volunteers help Children and adults with autism, physical & cognitive disabilities, Youth at-risk , Elderly & Holocaust survivors.

Volunteering placements are based all over the country from north to south. Placements include daycare centers, residences, occupational centers, shelters, community centers, and more. Constant guidance and support is provided by the social workers and professionals in the placements. There are between 2-20 volunteers in each placement. Each placement cares for a specific population.

Who volunteers?

Young adults taking a gap year, students seeking experience in the field of social services, retired individuals or couples, and anyone with an interest in experiencing Israel while making a difference!

Volunteering in Israel is a wonderful way to engage with the local culture and make a real change in people's lives.

Volunteers stories



Anyone over 18 can apply!

 Volunteers assist people with special needs personally and in groups.

Volunteers support the professional staff in their daily routine, workshops and in paramedical treatment (physiotherapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy).

In some placements, work is early morning until early afternoon, in others, noon until evening, or in a split manner

There is a variety of placements all over Israel from north to south, in over a 100 different locations!

Placements are multi-age residential care, elderly homes, occupational centers, community centers, and boarding schools.

Volunteers do not replace staff, but support them in giving extra care.

When you apply, you can select your preferences.

This depends on need, availability and application type (individual or via recruitment organizations). In the case of a mismatch, it is possible to move to another placement.

Our program is long term oriented since most of the populations in our social care placements require long term care.

Volunteering service is 5 days a week, for a total of 35 hours per week, between 6-12 months. 

Yes. You will have 2 days off each week, in addition 2 days off each month and 4 days around Christmas and New Year's.

Israel is a small country, so this time can easily be used to visit all the exciting sites in Israel.

VOIS is fully supervised and managed by the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services of the State of Israel.

Through the experience of volunteering in social services, you will engage in challenging yet rewarding work that will help you explore your best and will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Contact Us


Are you a volunteer? Are you a recruitment organization? Please contact us:

Email: vois@molsa.gov.il

Are you a volunteer?

For VOIS applications, contact: Mrs. Ilana Turevsky-Assaf

Department of Volunteer Services

ilanat@molsa.gov.il | +972 (0) 2-5085442


Are you a recruitment organization?

For VOIS international relations, contact: Mrs. Nili Berg-Sacks

Department of International Relations

niliber@molsa.gov.il | +972 (0) 2-5085490


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