A dedicated fund for businesses

Loan Terms


How to apply

  1. You can only apply online with the Chrome browser.
  2. Tap ‘Apply online’ to enter GovID, the Government Identification System
    • Login with your username and password, not a smartcard or token or any other login method
    • Make sure your email is up to date
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Contact Us


For technical issues, contact GloansCorona@mof.gov.il

Contact the Accountant General's Office directly, at kerenpniyot@mof.gov.il

Find more information on assistance and relief for businesses during the coronavirus crisis, on the National Emergency Portal at https://info.oref.org.il/

Contact the National Emergency Portal hotline on 104



The information on this site is partial information submitted as a service to the public and does not constitute any official document. The complete and accurate information is set out in the terms of the agreements between the state and the banks, for the operation of the fund. Furthermore, the loans are granted by the banks and not by the state, and only the credit committee or the authorized body are authorized to approve loans.

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