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Nurses’ perceptions of the role of health organisations in building professional commitment: Insights from an israeli cross-sectional study during the COVID-19 pandemic

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During the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Nursing Division at the Israeli Ministry of Health and partners conducted a study to examine the nurses’ perceptions towards a set of personal and professional circumstances that may affect their performance

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Netali Goldfarb RN, MN, Student1 | Orli Grinstein-Cohen RN, Ph, Head1 | Judith Shamian RN, PhD, FAAAN, International Council of Nurses ICN President Emerita2 | Dagan Schwartz MD, PhD, Senior lecturer3 | Rama Zilber RN, PhD, Director of the Surveys and Research Division4 | Rivka Hazan-Hazoref RN, PhD, Director of the Licensing Examination Department4 | Shoshy Goldberg RN, PhD, National Chief Nurese; Head, Nursing Administration4 | Odeya Cohen RN, PhD, Lecturer.

Recommendations from the Professional Advisory Committee on Nursing Practice in the Care of ECMO–Supported Patients

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The article presents the results of the work of Advisory Committee regarding the Nursing Practice in the Care of ECMO–Supported Patients. The committee, headed by the Nursing Division in the Israel's Ministry of Health included 15 nurses from a wide range of hospitals who are experts in the field of ECMO care. The article details the recommendations regarding the determining boundaries of professional authority and nurses’ responsibilities including the appropriate content for the training programs. In addition, the Committee defined a relevant quality measures for the nursing care of ECMO-supported patients.

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Semyon Melnikov, PhD, RN Alex Furmanov, MSc, RN Alik Gololobov, MA, RN Muhammad Atrash, MA, RN Chaya Broyer, MA, RN Marta Gelkop, MA, RN Slava Gezunterman, MA, RN Tova David, MA, RN Limor Eisenberg, MA, RNEsam Kadry, MA, RN Ruti Nave, MA, RN Edna Shalom, MA, RN Noga Shoval, MA, RN Gregory Traytel, MA, RN Nagah Zaid, MA, RN Shoshy Goldberg, PhD, RN Amir Vardi, MD

Professional characteristics and work attitudes of hospital nurses who leave compared with those who stay

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The article deal with the global problem of turnover among nurses by presenting the findings of study aimed to illustrate the characteristics and attitudes of nurses who resigned and those who remained in two Israeli hospitals.

An analysis of the research data revealed that resigning nurses had higher education, less seniority, fewer managerial positions and higher aspiring for professional advancement compare with remaining nurses.

In order to reduce burnout and dropouts of nurses, it is important to reduce the gap between the high level of education and professional skills and the possibilities for development in the professional career of nurses.

Article writers

Hana Kerzman RN, PhD1 | Dina Van Dijk PhD2 | Maya Siman-Tov PhD3 | Shoshy Friedman RN, MA4 | Shoshy Goldberg RN, PhD

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