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Features Events

The center’s activities focus on sharing knowledge and consultations regarding measures to strengthen the nurse’s resilience during pandemic times and empowering the nursing workforce in the coming years

WHO – Collaboration Centers annual seminar 2020

The WHO Collaboration center for Leadership and Governance in Nursing was first introduced by Dr. Shoshy Goldberg, Israel's National Head Nurse, at the international seminar for the WHO collaborating centers and was attended by over 900 colleagues from collaborating centers from all around the world.

December, 16, 2020

WHO - advisory committee for planning the GCNMO CC EFNNMA

The WHO Collaboration center for Leadership and Governance in Nursing by Dr. Shoshy Goldberg, Israel's National Head Nurse, took part in the advisory committee for Planning the GCNMO CC EFNNMA meeting.

Jan, 27, 2021

Meeting with Dr. Michel Thieren

The WHO Collaboration center for Leadership and Governance in Nursing had a first meeting with Dr. Michel Thieren, Special representative of the regional director in Israel.

Special Adviser to the Regional Director of the WHO Europe.

March, 8, 2021

Joint Consultation

The WHO Collaboration center for Leadership and Governance in Nursing was invited by Ann-Louise Caress, a nurse academic, holding the post of Professor of Health Services Research at the University of Huddersfield, UK, to take part in a brainstorming between England and Israel on the aspects of the Covid-19 gathering international 'best practice examples'.

March, 9, 2021

The Chief Nursing Officer at WHO

The University of Haifa hosted a panel with nursing leaders in Israel and with Elizabeth Iro, Chief Nursing Officer at the WHO to a webinar that present the vaccination program in Israel – “Nursing in the day of the Covid-19: Evidence from the Field and Research”

March, 10, 2021

“Let’s Talk Primary Health Care”

Mr. Ariel Sambarov, a specialist Israeli nurse in psychotherapy, who works at the Geha Medical Center in Clalit, participated in a panel by the WHO and presented his personal confrontation with the challenges posed to him by the Covid-19.

March, 17, 2021

Biennial meeting with Nursing and Midwifery representatives in WHO European Region

Dr. Shoshy Goldberg Israel's National Head Nurse, was elected to moderate together with Prof. Aurelija Blaževičienė, Head Nursing and Care Department, Lithuanian university the leadership panel as part of Nursing and Midwifery representatives in the WHO European Region.

March, 24-25, 2021

Nurses and Midwives at the forefront of change

Dr. Rivka Hazan Hazoref, The Coordinator of the WHO Collaboration Center for Leadership and Governance in Nursing,

participated in a panel that was organized by the Order of General Nurses, Midwives and Nurses in Romania, to mark the celebration of World Health Day.

Dr. Hazan Hazoref spoke about nurse’s leadership as one of the pillars of a sustainable vision for the future of the profession.

April, 8, 2021

Case study of the week - ICN

The ICN present stories from the frontlines of maternity care in Israel during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Karin Lee Ovadia, Head Midwife, Delivery rooms, Shamir Medical Center tells about her experience during the pandemic 

April, 13, 2021

The Nursing Now Challenge: Looking towards the future of nursing & midwifery leadership

Dr. Shirly Luz, The Director of the Certification Department in the Nursing Division participated in a webinar of the Nursing Now. She took part in a panel discussion moderated by Maureen Bisognano.

April, 16, 2021

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