HaMagen - The Ministry of Health App for Fighting the Spread of Coronavirus

HaMagen is an app that is endorsed by the Ministry of Health. It can tell you have been in the presence of anyone who has been diagnosed with coronavirus.

The app cross-checks the GPS history of your mobile phone with historical geographic data of patients from the Ministry of Health.

HaMagen is available in five languages: Hebrew, Arabic, English, Russian and Amharic.

How does it work?

Is the application secure?


The cross-referencing of your GPS history with the locations  of COVID-19 patients happens on your phone; your GPS data does not leave your mobile phone, and is not sent to any third party.  The data from the Ministry of Health is sent to your mobile phone for cross-referencing, no data is sent back to the Ministry of Health. For more on the transparency policy and the open source code for the app - click here.

Communal responsibility, transparency and joint objectives

The HaMagen app was designed


to protect the health of all, and to limit the spread of the coronavirus in Israel.

We have the best people for this enterprise, we have the technology, and now it's your turn to connect with all Israelis to fight the COVID-19 outbreak

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