Hamagen Privacy policy

Publication date: 30/03/2020, 21:40 | Update date: 01/07/2021, 14:29

HAMAGEN is an app that allows the identification of contacts between diagnosed patients and people who came in contact with them in the 14 days prior to the patient's diagnosis of the disease.

The app is a technological tool designed to give each and every one of us the ability to know quickly and accurately if we have been in contact with a person infected with coronavirus. That way, we can stop the spread of the virus and protect those close to us.

The app allows you to receive alerts (location and time) about your exposure to a diagnosed patient.

The app retains information about your locations solely on your device and cross-references this information with the Ministry of Health's updated epidemiological data. The Ministry of Health data is constantly updated and sent to your device (one way) for cross-referencing purposes.

Cross-referencing your location data with the corona patients' location is done on your device and as soon as a match is identified, you will be directed to a link to the Ministry of Health to let you know what steps to take and to report the match to The Ministry.

The search for matches between your location history and COVID-19 confirmed case locations can be done while driving too. To avoid this, we recommend giving the App access to Activity Recognition.

The application uses BLE in the Advertisement (connectionless communication) configuration. The information extracted is random keys that do not reveal the unique identifiers in the user's end devices.

The app not use SSID/BSSID and does not use any related information that is available on the device.

After initial launch, the app can be closed at any time.

The application, developed in Israel for the Ministry of Health, is based on open source and values of mutual responsibility.

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