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Strategies for Isolation

Publication date: 31/03/2020, 10:04 | Update date: 10/05/2020, 16:13

Do's and don'ts for isolation


  • Initiate contact – You are isolated but not alone! Make it a habit to call, Skype or WhatsApp family members, friends and work associates several times a day.
  • Keep yourself active. Make it a habit to get up in the morning and dress as you do when going to school and/or work. Be consistent about it.
  • Make a timetable for your day.

Example for a timetable:

07:00-09:00: Morning routine, including breakfast and physical exercise

09:00-13:00: Work/studies including break for physical exercise

13:00-14:00: Lunch

14:00-17:00: Continuation of work/studies including a break

17:00-19:00: Leisure activity, including communicating with family and friends

19:00-20:00: Dinner

20:00-23:00: Leisure activity

  • Make sure that you work and/or study by telecommunications as much as possible
  • Exercise for at least a half an hour a day. Make sure to keep your leisure time active – read, play games and more.
  • Comply with all the medical guidance that you received



  • Imagine worst case scenario
  • Try to sleep the day away, it may adversely affect the quality of your sleep.
  • Spend too much time reading articles or the news about the Coronavirus. Information overload may generate even more worries and concerns.
  • Hide or repress your feelings and be prepared to share your thoughts and feeling with the people around you.

Remember: This is a temporary situation! Most people do not develop any of the symptoms of the disease or experience the disease very mildly.

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