Manufacturing reusable masks


Manufacturing reusable masks

These documents will assist public or private bodies in producing and distributing high quality, reusable fabric masks approved by the Ministry of Health.




The Ministry of Health and the security establishment have led a joint venture to create a readily available supply of high-quality, reusable masks, approved by the Ministry of Health, for the entire population of Israel, with the aim of reducing the infection rate by increasing the number of mask wearers.

The mask development project has been led by the security establishment, in cooperation with the defense industries and textile experts. The masks were developed with close supervision by and approval of the Ministry of Health.



How do you acquire masks? Order them from a supplier, based on the recommendations in the Basic Production Manual.

How do you acquire Personal Kits? Order them from a supplier, based on the recommendations in the Extended Production Manual.

The Extended Production Manual is an extension of the Basic Production Manual to a Personal Kit with three washable, reusable masks. The Personal Kit includes an information leaflet on the proper use of masks, translated to English, Hebrew, Arabic, Amharic, Russian, French, Spanish and other languages.

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Compliance with the requirements in the basic or extended production manual will ensure qualification for Ministry of Health approval, once the manufacturer completes the procedure for receiving this approval.

Over 300,000 masks were manufactured


The production manual has been used to manufacture 300,000 masks (100,000 personal kits) that have been distributed at hotspots in Israel, on the basis of Ministry of Health criteria, in coordination with the local authorities, in order to prevent a massive increase in the number of infections in these hotspots. During distribution, training was provided to the population on correct use of the masks, based on the information leaflet in the Personal Kit, with the aim of nurturing a culture of wearing masks in public spaces.

The entire production chain for these 300,000 masks was Israeli, and included hundreds of tailors in Israeli workshops, with a view to reinvesting the budget for the venture into the Israeli economy, and providing an income for tailors throughout Israel.

In doing so, this venture is generating an infrastructure for the production of reusable, Ministry of Health approved masks for all Israeli citizens.

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