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Information, Support, and Resources About the Novel Coronavirus.

The Ministry of Health Hotline *5400


The Ministry of Health Novel Coronavirus and Isolation Hotline

Available 24/7

Note: Foreign nationals should contact the Ministry of Health Hotline


Mental Health Helplines


Mental Helplines for Civilians

Mental Helplines for Healthcare Professionals

Sunday through Thursday, 10:00-18:00

  • Support hotline for healthcare professionals of geriatric institutions – Tel: *8007

Text or voice message authentication, call 08-6822334


You can check whether a text message (SMS) or voice message originated from the Ministry of Health by calling 08-6822334 – you need to call from the same device that received the message.

The automated system will check whether the number you called from is found in the list that the Ministry of Health uses for sending text messages.

If you received a voice message, it is likely your phone has text messages disabled.

HMO Hotlines

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