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דיווח בידוד לחוזרים מחו"ל

 Isolation report for international travelers

דיווח בידוד לחוזרים מחו"ל

 Home isolation report after contact with a COVID-19 case 

דיווח בידוד לחוזרים מחו"ל

 Report a violation of the home isolation duty

 Find an essential supplier (Hebrew)



Coronavirus Cases in Israel (Hebrew)


Students of Medicine and Nursing Wanted


We are currently seeking medical and nursing students (junior year min.) who would like to work for Health Bureau Epidemiological Investigations (contact tracing) Departments (COVID-19) across the country.

Between 40 and 120 hours per month; morning, evening or night shifts, weekdays or weekends.

The number of positions is limited.

To apply, please fill in the online form (Hebrew).

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