Amnesty International is one of the most hostile anti-Israel groups in the world. They say that their mission is to “fight abuses of human rights worldwide” but all they care about is attacking Israel.

Sheltering under the label of a non-profit organization, Amnesty uses their extensive resources to publish false reports accusing Israel of being an apartheid state instead of helping the countless people around the world who are in need of protection and humanitarian aid.

No matter what atrocities are happening in countries like Iran, Syria and Iraq, where human rights are violated constantly, Amnesty’s obsession with Israel can be seen through their incessant tweets and reports condemning the only democratic nation in the Middle East.

The truth is that the State of Israel is a strong and vibrant democracy that upholds equal rights to all its citizens, but Amnesty chooses to ignore what’s right in front of them and spout lies instead.

There is no denying Amnesty’s hostile anti-Israel, anti-Semitic agenda. A recent report shows that Amnesty International’s Twitter account published 7x more about Israel than human rights violations in Iran and more than 10x times about Israel than human rights violations in Syria.

Emmanuel Nahshon, Deputy Director General for Public Diplomacy at Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said of Amnesty International, “The Amnesty organization continues to reveal its true face - an obsessive, hostile organization with a one-sided agenda.”

This organization hides under the mask of humanitarianism, but the facts speak for themselves. Amnesty’s bias against Israel and their attempts to demonize and delegitimize the country have no basis in reality and only serve to show the extent of their organization’s deception and crookedness.











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