Israel National Food Institute

The Israeli National Food Institute Tender

Providing R&D services using Pilot and Analytical Equipment

  The Tender Ended

The Ministry of Economy and Industry is pleased to announce the winners:

Avnon Group and Prosolv Technologies, that will join Tel Hai Academic College and MIGAL Research Institute for for the establishment and operation of a food institute.​


What is the Food Institute  

For the first time in Israel, and as part of the strategic decision to support the food and the FoodTech industry in becoming a leading industry, the state of Israel has decided to establish the National Food Institute for food innovation. The Institue will be co-owned by a business partner and Tel Hai Academic College and MIGAL research institute with a NIS 20M government investment. Therefore, The Industries Administration in the Ministry of Economy and Industry has published a tender seeking a business partner for the establishment and operation of the Food Institute.

The purpose of the Food Institute is to be a "one stop shop" for companies and startups in the food industry, where they will be able to develop their products and production processes in one location. The Food Institute will include a physical infrastructure of advanced pilot facilities and analytical equipment that, combined with the Institute's expertise, will enable the supplying of development and upgrade services for dozens of food products per year.

In recent years the global food industry has undergone a genuine revolution. Technological innovation entered every detail in the world's largest industry and profoundly affected the 11 trillion dollar market. The Israeli FoodTech startups and food industries must adopt innovation at a rapid pace in order to remain competitive, but for that they require adequate pilot infrastructures that are currently not available in Israel.

The Food Institute will be established to meet these needs and will provide, among other things, product development services, rental of a pilot facility for industry and academia, regulatory and nutritional consulting, and laboratory tests. Additionally, the institute will act as an information center in the field of food and conduct independent applied research.

The Expected Process


25-05-2020 - RFI publication

18-06-2020 - Date of a tour of the designated area of activity of the institute

02-07-2020 - at 12:00, deadline for submission of clarifying questions

22-07-2020 - Publication of a question and answer document

06-08-2020 - at 12:00, the deadline for submitting a response to the request


30.08.2021 - Tender publication

✔ 14.10.2021 – Conference

✔ 28.10.2021 (12:00) – Clarification questions submission deadline

✔ 25.11.2021Publication of answers to clarification questions

✔ 01.03.2022 (12:00) – Application deadline

✔ 23.06.2022 - Announcing of the winners: Avnon Group and Prosolv Technologies

Establishment of the Food Institute

2nd Quarter 2022 to 2nd Quarter 2023 - Establishment of the Food Institute


Tender highlights

Potential Customers

Partner Organizations

Industries administration

Israel Innovation Authority

Tel-Hai College

MIGAL Galilee Research Institute Ltd

Agricultural Research Organization, Volcani Center



The Kitchen FoodTech Hub

Rutgers Food Innovation Center

Wageningen University & Research




Jewish National Fund

The Modern Agriculture Foundation

The Galilee Culinary Institute

Eastern Galilee

Kiryat Shemoneh Municipality


FoodTech Israel


About the Industries Administration


The Industries Administration is the department responsible on behalf of the Ministry of Economy and Industry for the project of establishing and operating the National Food Institute in Kiryat Shmona.

The Industries Administration works to improve the business environment for the industry. To that end, the administration collaborates with various national and municipal authorities to enable the Israeli industry to develop and compete in the global arena. In addition, the Industries Administration promotes the assimilation of innovation and advanced manufacturing in the industry with a low environmental signature by a variety of tools operated by the administration and the various ministerial departments.

The Industries Administration aims to provide a holistic treatment to industrial production plants through industry specialization of the Administration staff and personal guidance of plants that address to the Administration. The Administration's activities are based on specialization in the main manufacturing industries: chemistry and pharma, food and life sciences, metal, plastics, electronics, environment and cleantech. In addition, the Administration's activity relies on regulatory expertise in various regulatory areas related to manufacturing plants in Israel, as well as on expertise in the areas of advanced manufacturing, including the establishment of institutes and infrastructures to deepen advanced manufacturing activity in Israel.

For more information on the Industries Administration and the tools it operates, visit the Administration (Advanced Industry) website.

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